HealthHero to Unveil New Telehealth Platform Post Fernarzt Acquisition

HealthHero to Unveil New Telehealth Platform Post Fernarzt Acquisition

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, October 23, 2020

With the help of HealthHero’s telehealth platform,= patients can communicate with the general practitioner without even meeting them face-to-face.

FREMONT, CA: HealthHero is a new digital health organization that centers its business around the European market and has recently introduced its telehealth platform. The news came after they closed an agreement to obtain the German medical consultation platform 

The London-based startup HealthHero intends to help users connect with medical services with the help of phone calls, video calls, and online chats. Patients can even utilize the service to get access to a musculoskeletal practitioner, general practitioner, specialist, or a mental health clinician. 

The newly acquired Fernarzt was established in 2017. The company allows patients to fill a medical questionnaire so that they can use it to evaluate it. If it is accurate, it will become easy for doctors to write a prescription and refer the patient to a pharmacy. They can even send the medication to the patient's address. Besides, in comparison with general medicine, the organization even has skin and hair care medicines. 

Why does it matter?

The telehealth has become popular among doctors during the coronavirus pandemic because they can easily reach the patients and offer them with care while avoiding face-to-face visits. 

As per the Commonwealth Fund, appointments for the ambulatory practices have reduced by about 60% in April. In comparison, the number of visits through telemedicine has rapidly increased that same month.

The Bigger Trend

Swedish company KRY, popularly known as LIVI in the rest of Europe, is one of the continent's primary telehealth providers. The company was established in 2014, and since then, it has raised almost €219.1 million, after the €140 million Series C during January.

TeleClinic is another competitor, Germany company. The company also focusses on telehealth. American telemedicine organizations are also increasing in the market. Recently, Teladoc has also announced its Q2 earnings. The company has also reported about their immense year-over-year growth. Moreover, in May, Amwell also raised an astounding $194 million during Series B funding. 

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