How A Social Media Campaign Contributes To Tackling Lung Cancer

How A Social Media Campaign Contributes To Tackling Lung Cancer

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A powerful social media awareness campaign encourages patients to tackle lung cancer and seek legitimate support.

FREMONT, CA: #ChangeLungCancer- a social media campaign by LUNGevity Foundation helps lung cancer advocates to involve during the Lung Cancer Awareness Month of November through. These types of initiatives encourage lung cancer patients to make the right decisions throughout their treatment processes. The foundation enables the patients to get extensive educational resources, online peer-to-peer support, and in-person survivorship programs. It also introduces the patients with a community, which empowers, supports, and helps to raise funds by organizing events from coast to coast every year.

The powerful social media campaign, #ChangeLungCancer, aims to spread awareness of lung cancer and helps other individuals to contribute through a variety of downloadable signs with encouraging and supporting messages. The events organized by the foundation’s community let individuals participate, support the campaign by simply taking a selfie with several #ChangeLungCancer signs, and share the pictures across their social media handles. The organizers of these campaigns provide various equipment to the campaign supporters that help them to spread awareness during the whole month at their level. The foundation puts efforts to bring change through this type of powerful campaign and enables the patients to fight against the deadly disease bravely. 

Leading pioneers as lung cancer organizations invest in lifesaving solutions and researches for cancer and provide services and educational support for patients and healthcare providers. The foundation like LUNGevity empowers lung cancer patients by enabling them to make effective decisions in the treatment and eliminating challenges that a patient faces. These health-support organizations put efforts against lung cancer while making an immediate impact on enhancing the patients’ quality of life and their survivorship by expediting research through early detection and effective treatment.

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