How AI Can Help Dentists Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

How AI Can Help Dentists Bite Off More Than They Can Chew

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 13, 2019

As the world is encircled with technology, knowingly or unknowingly human life is almost entirely driven by it. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has spread its wings across the diverse verticals of the world. Inspired by AI, dental health has welcomed the technology to transform the current and traditional dentistry with its advanced and innovative conceptualizations. As a kick-start to AI-inclined oral health transformation, Colgate is launching its first-ever artificially intelligent toothbrush shortly. How does Artificial intelligence drive dentistry? Does Artificial intelligence favor oral health? Read on to find out.

While dentistry is growing at high speed, there is no point for the qualified dentists to invest time and effort in doing repetitive and monotonous tasks like examining the reports, studying X-rays results and also in manually fixing appointments. AI helps in automating these tasks and also helps in calculating the accurate duration of each appointment.

Dentem is a dental practice monitoring software system, which is developed by AI technology. This clinical-based robotic software is already in use and dentists are relieved of collecting, studying, and analyzing data along with forecasting processes. Dante captures the patient’s genetic information for the dentists to help understand the individual’s characteristics and dental nature. Also, Dentem conducts a 3-dimensional scan of the patient, embossing the critical aspects of his/her oral conditions. It doesn’t end there! Artificial intelligence further predicts the proper treatments and steps, which are to be taken to cure the patient.

Conquering almost the whole of the world and now knocking the doors of oral health, Artificial intelligence has continued to shower its proficiency and innovations to proceed towards optimization. With this, all the spheres of dentistry can effectively make use of Artificial intelligence to the fullest possible. Technology’s potential is beyond imagination; let us watch out for more such revolutionary and helpful advancements to flourish.  

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