How AI Helps in DNA Sequencing?

How AI Helps in DNA Sequencing?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 30, 2020

AI has immense potential to add to DNA sequencing.

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is unleashing the benefits of technology to the fullest. Artificial intelligence (AI) is skyrocketing its features in the world of genomics and DNA sequencing. Scientists and engineers in the field of gene editing and genetic sequencing are researching and implementing the smart algorithms of machine learning and AI.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies in Europe - 2020The world is aware of the capability of AI in automating mundane, redundant, and repetitive tasks, and the health care professionals are employing this capability to analyze and sequence DNA. AI not only frees genomic experts from manual tasks but also ensures the highest level of precision. The use of AI also helps in attaining the efficiency of the cost involved in carrying out the process of DNA sequencing.

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Along with accuracy to the fullest extent, AI also provides the benefit of gaining the right and logical perspective on a specific set of genes or a particular gene and compiles a purposeful genomic blueprint. This plan indicates and orchestrates all the important and essential activities of the individual under the gene test. These insights are further communicated to the health care delivery experts and allow them further to make critical decisions pertaining to the sequencing of the DNA and genomic health of the individual. These insights also help the care deliverers to derive insights into concluding whether the patient is vulnerable to mutations, or the likeliness of developing diseases in the future.

AI has opened the door to personalized medicine in the field of genome health. Gene editing technology, in collaboration with artificial intelligence, widens the prospects of précising the personalization od gene medicine. Analytics supported by AI makes way for genetic specialists to target individuals in the pool of populations and demographics with similar genetic makeup.

Technology is taking genome health and DNA sequencing to newer heights. Specialties offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning essentially help in equipping the science of gene editing with accuracy and personalization. 

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