How AI Is Supporting Healthcare Sector?

How AI Is Supporting Healthcare Sector?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 09, 2020

Healthcare sector has been impacted by the influx of new technologies in the age of digitization. According to reports more than 80 percent of healthcare provider organizations, life science companies, and technology vendors to healthcare are using AI technology.

FREMONT, CA: Earlier machine learning and artificial intelligence were concepts of the future. Today, more industries are looking at them to improve productivity and gain better insights about their business, so they have become reality. The one sector the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can make a significant mark, though it is in Healthcare.

Here are some benefits of AI offers to the healthcare industry:

• Managing medical reports and data 

One of the essential steps in the healthcare sector is to compile and analyze information like medical records and another history. The most widely used application of artificial intelligence is data management.

• Robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is a helping hand for the surgeons, as this technique can reduce the treatment time and the scope of error. Surgical robots can use information from actual surgical encounters to improve existing surgical procedures. Medical teams can collect data from pre-op medical records getting insights into really useful data.

• Digital consultations

Nowadays, numerous apps in the market can provide a platform for digital consultation for patients. Users can download the app and can report their symptoms into the app, and accordingly can get the online doctors for consultation.

• Predicting future diseases

AI algorithms can help in predicting the likelihood of future diseases. They can also predict the risk an individual patient has of developing a particular disease in advance, based on patient's current lifestyle and before the symptoms of the disease start showing up. Doctors can then recommend specific lifestyle changes and preventative treatments to mitigate the risk of developing that disease. Based on their current information, many software companies are developing AI-powered applications to predict the future health condition of the user. Without the use of AI, these symptoms are often so subtle that healthcare professionals overlook them.

• Prevent Fraudulent Billing

Frauds drain the entire system of the healthcare sector, and it is causing immense distress for companies and patients. Sometimes the patients and health insurance providers are charged for treatments that were never provided or overcharged for inexpensive treatments. AI can prevent such fraudulent activities by spotting irregularities consistently in the payment system. AI-enabled tools can unearth any deviation from the typical treatment provided to the patients in the same condition as they know the cost of the standard treatment of a specific condition from thousands of available records.

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