How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Healthcare

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 15, 2021

From hospital care to clinical research, drug development, to insurance, AI applications are reshaping the health sector's operations to reduce spending and improve patient outcomes.

FREMONT, CA: Before implementing technology, routine and monotonous tasks were automated, and regular and boring information was transferred by using digital records. While these tasks remain unfinished, artificial intelligence (AI) has expanded its applications to support improvements in healthcare outcomes. Due to the current COVID context, while COVID has done much harm, it has also contributed to the emerging AI technologies. Using the technology, new models, novel treatments, and vaccines were all developed.

Applications of AI in healthcare

AI has proven to be a blessing to the healthcare industry, from identifying connections between genetic codes, deploying surgical robots, and even optimising hospital efficiency.

Assistance with clinical decisions

Health professionals must consider every essential piece of information when diagnosing patients. If a single critical fact is overlooked, the patient’s life may be jeopardised. As a result, sifting through various complicated unstructured notes stored in medical records becomes necessary.

Artificial intelligence can store and process large amounts of data, which enables the creation of knowledge databases and the individual examination and recommendation of each patient, thereby enhancing clinical decision support.

Using chatbots to improve primary care and triage

People tend to schedule appointments with their GP at the first sign of danger or medical concern, which frequently turns out to be a false alarm or something that can be treated self-care. Artificial intelligence contributes to primary care's smooth flow and automation, freeing doctors to focus on more critical and life-threatening cases.

Patients can benefit from medical chatbots to save money on unnecessary doctor visits. Medical chatbots are an AI-powered service that incorporates smart algorithms to provide patients with instant answers to all their health-related questions and concerns while also guiding them on how to handle any potential problems. These chatbots are available 24 hours a day and are capable of interacting with multiple patients concurrently.

Robotic surgical procedures

Artificial intelligence and collaborative robots have revolutionised surgery by increasing its speed and depth while performing delicate incisions. Since robots do not get tired, the issue of fatigue during lengthy and critical procedures is eliminated.

AI machines are capable of developing new surgical techniques by analysing data from previous operations. The precision of these machines eliminates the possibility of tremors or any other unintentional or accidental movements during surgery.

Nursing assistants on-line

Artificial intelligence systems enable the creation of virtual nursing assistants capable of performing a variety of tasks, from conversing with patients to directing them to the most appropriate and effective care unit. These virtual nurses are available 24 hours a day and can respond to inquiries and examine and treat patients.

Numerous AI-powered virtual nursing assistant applications currently enable more frequent interactions between patients and care providers between office visits, thereby avoiding unnecessary hospital visits.

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