How can Healthcare Optimize Benefits of Virtual Platforms

How can Healthcare Optimize Benefits of Virtual Platforms

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 15, 2019

Innovative solutions from technology providers are creating new opportunities in the field of virtual healthcare services.

FERMONT, CA: Technology is now an important part of medicine. With increased efficiency, improved quality, and reduced costs, the right technology is boosting healthcare. Some of the many benefits technology can provide include interaction between patients, enhancing drug safety, minimizing potential medical errors, increasing access to medical data, and supporting patient-centered treatment. The SmartExam system from increases the safety and quality of patient care.

With SmartExam, healthcare providers remain competitive in an increasingly competitive landscape of new entrants and tech giants. The shortage of doctors affects the industry, and healthcare organizations are challenged to serve more patients than they can see. Patients become irritated with treatment delays and start looking for alternative sources of care. Most companies adopt online strategies to draw patients and remain competitive.

SmartExam's key improvements are focused on care delivery and help with the integration of the workflow. ensures that SmartExam delivers a trouble-free experience for patients and providers. SmartExam integrates more deeply into its customers' escalated care modalities. developers have leveraged artificial intelligence for a natural-language interface to enhance the experience of patients. The health system partners of customize the list of prescribed drugs to improve patient care. SmartExam's clinical content includes a database of evidence-based therapies that help optimize patient care.

With its AI-powered virtual-care platform, SmartExam, a Portland-based tech company, is modernizing direct-to-patient telehealth systems. The company works with North America's largest healthcare companies, including top U.S. non-profit healthcare organizations.'s SmartExam is an intuitive virtual care platform that connects doctors and patients without having to make video appointments, making it easier to treat many low-acuity conditions anytime, anywhere.

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