How Digital Connected Care Services are Delivering Effective...

How Digital Connected Care Services are Delivering Effective Patient Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 19, 2019

In the healthcare industry, digital therapy is spawning a new language of connected care, which helps doctors and patients stay connected.

FERMONT, CA: Mobile and wireless technology have revolutionized the delivery of healthcare services worldwide. Internet-based health care services are offering great accessibility and comfort in the form of patient monitoring devices or personal digital assistants. MyPATH for Connected Care and MyPATH for Health support, connect and assist innovators in health systems, medical devices, biopharmaceutical, and health plans to provide future clinical support and therapy management services beyond the patient path. By creating a vibrant, real-world data set, it improves their overall experience. 

MyPATH supports innovators in life science for clinical testing and health services by connecting patients, clinicians, and caregivers. MyPATH transforms patient engagement by connecting all stakeholders, striving to improve results, and cultivating for analysis a rich, real-world data set. MyPATH for Connected Care, a digital healthcare network, connects patients and care teams through a secure, data-driven experience to provide virtual care services. MyPATH for Connected Care promotes a connected environment to help patients and care teams at each level and setting, constant capability-building approaches that deploy patient-centered virtual home care, and robust data collection focused on care plan management. It also promotes a holistic, personalized approach to treatment plans with user-friendly apps and wearables and the potential to empower patients.

MyPATH for Connected Care aims to answer this question by providing high-touch customer experience across platforms by allowing personalized treatment plans, more productive workflows, and enabling medical teams and patients to collaborate on patient-generated real-time care plans.

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