How Digital Technologies are Improving Healthcare Supply Chain

How Digital Technologies are Improving Healthcare Supply Chain

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, August 14, 2020

The healthcare supply chain is using digital technologies to improve the efficiency of the process.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, the healthcare sector has gone through various technological changes. Once its manual procedure defined the industry, it has now moved forward with digital technologies. Nowadays, it has become common for the patients to see clinical staff and physicians make use of laptops during their visits. Moreover, the hospitals and health networks have also made a considerable investment in their financial and HR sector.  

The most crucial digital investment in the healthcare industry is implementing better automation for the supply chain. By following this process, the provider and the supplier will improve the efficiency of the supply chain. 

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Every day immense volume of data can be generated with the help of highly automated supply chains. These data can be implemented in the ancillary system like EHRs and ERPs. Furthermore, the USCF and similar types of other health institutions are searching for methods through which they can combine the data with new technologies like predictive and advanced analytics. If such methods can be implemented in the supply chain, it will further enhance the procedure followed in it. In the next few years, the healthcare sector will start prioritizing the next digital transformation phase so that they can support the patients during critical situations. 

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However, digital transformation can be referred to as automation. Digitalization is used so that the data collected from it can be used for treatment and to improve the present process and practices. For instance, automation has established how UCSF can be used to improve the supply chain so that it can reach a wide range of functional areas. It also involves touch-less supply totes, a portal for real-time clinical requisitions, TUG robots, and appropriate PAR level management. 

In the future, the cloud technologies and the service related to it will impact the supply chain of the healthcare sector. The sector has already started to move forward with the cloud-based systems rather than using on-premise systems, and the practice will increase rapidly. The cloud opens the standard, secure, and scalable structure for third parties, allowing the healthcare sector to improve its procedures.

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