How Do Digital Tools And Human Touch Hand in Hand?

How Do Digital Tools And Human Touch Hand in Hand?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 17, 2020

The patients of today have high expectations when seeking information and services about healthcare.

Fremont, CA: The industry has to adapt and evolve their communications strategy to connect with customers in a format they prefer, as the generations Y and Z mature and become responsible for their healthcare. But the challenge for the healthcare provider organizations that are looking to retain the current patients and attract new ones is in striking the correct balance between offering the latest technology and maintaining a human connection. Given the wide range of preferences, healthcare providers must be extremely flexible in their communications without sacrificing the personal touch. Additionally, the patients do not want to interact with multiple communications systems, demanding an exceptional and rewarding experience across all the touchpoints in which they do business with the healthcare providers. 

Customizable communication is the key to active patient engagement. Every appointment type needs to have its messaging platform that specifies as to what the patient will need to prepare, including things to be brought to the appointment, when to arrive, and pre-visit instructions. This ensures that the patients show up to their appointments on time. Providing with confirmation or rescheduling options within a customized appointment reminder helps in making the communication more relevant to the specific patient, dramatically reducing no-show rates and saving healthcare providers significant time and money.

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Today’s patients demand more involvement in their care and knowledge about their health. The best practice to get the patients involved is by engaging with them often and empowering them with information about compliance but prevention. 

It’s your business

To care for a patient’s well-being is the number one priority, but it should be forgotten that it is a business too. Leveraging a patient engagement solution can be helpful with other patient communications like Follow-up – patients, Office updates, billing reminders. Blending the digital tools with the human touch is the best way to implement a patient engagement strategy that treats patients in the best way possible, but also creates loyalty and generates revenue growth. The hybrid communications approach of technology and the human touch means patients are happy, empowered, and hopefully healthier while your business not only stays fit but thrives.

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