How Does Home Health Care Benefit Seniors?

How Does Home Health Care Benefit Seniors?

How Does Home Health Care Benefit Seniors? | Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Companionship and mental health and caregiver respite are two of the key benefits that home health care offers.

FREMONT, CA: Researching care choices for an aging loved one can be overwhelming, and it may be challenging to decide what will be most suitable for the family. Some options, such as moving to a residential care facility require making significant lifestyle changes. For most families, home care is the paramount solution as it facilitates their loved ones to reside in the comfort of their homes and continue living as they are used to. Below are two key advantages

1. Caregiver Respite

If one has been caring for their senior parent, it is okay to feel exhausted as they might be working full-time and with their parents upon getting home. One of the advantages of home care is having a healthcare professional come into their lives. The aides are trained to do memory care, prevent infection, and give emotional support. Home health care will not be a stressful experience once the loved one is happy and well-taken care of. The guardian can relax and be able to spend quality time with them.

2. Companionship and Mental Health

Upon getting old, seniors may lose the ability to drive, restricting the time they can spend with their friends and family. They may also be dealing with a life event that can contribute to depression and anxiety. An in-home health helper presents a listening ear and an understanding friend. Seldom, that is all it takes to get a person in a better mood. If one hires a home health aide, they can ask them to evaluate their loved one’s mobility, memory, and capability to do self-care. Additionally, they can also be asked for regular reports on blood pressure, weight, and overall mental and physical health.

Advantages of Home Health Care Agencies

If one decides to hire a home health aide, they should ensure to go through a reputable agency. It is also essential to look at their business bureau profile and review client testimonials before signing a contract. Additionally, one should also feel free to contact the home health company with any questions or concerns about their aides. If the parent or loved one does not like the helper for any reason, they can always ask for a replacement. Life as a senior does not have to mean isolation and illness. The key is to make decisions that make seniors comfortable, safe, and happy.

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