How DTx Helps to Meet Patients' Needs During the Pandemic

How DTx Helps to Meet Patients' Needs During the Pandemic

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Finding ways to use DTx to help chronic conditions and acute situations is essential during the ongoing pandemic and to prepare for the crisis.

FREMONT, CA: Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is software that digitally offers clinically-proven medical intervention. They undergo clinical trials, gather real-world results, and are based on patient-centered key principles and product development best practices, including product design, data security, usability, and privacy standards. DTx has evolved in the last few years in a broad range of interventions to prevent, detect, manage, or treat diseases. Importantly, in recent times of social distancing, various trends have emerged in how firms create DTx to assist people with chronic conditions to live healthier in several ways.

• Providing Advice             

Each DTx products offer active therapies to patients in the comfort of their own homes, and many enable their users to understand and handle their condition themselves. Many firms provide unique services and discretion of mental health, sleep issues, and depression. Some DTx product has demonstrated success with these patient populations. The website says that after treatment, more than 80 percent of patients were panic free.

• Connecting with Health Coaches

Many DTx solutions provide remote coaching services. These may take place most relevant and through the medium most seamless to the user, including text messages, videos, and chat. Certain companies utilize health coaching in addition to software to assist users in managing diabetes.  Some provide coaching and recommendations for coping and practicing simple, at-home physical activities during the ongoing health crisis.

• Replenishing Supplies

Some DTx is connected with the intake of medicines that need consumables. Because software enables companies to monitor these physical products' actual consumption, DTx firms can also find when a person may be running short on their supplies. The application could then recommend a reorder to be shipped directly to their doorstep. Subscription or membership programs provide a fixed monthly price for unlimited consumables. Home delivery of medical supplies is a vital service for many. Providing coaching by well-trained professionals can enable DTx firms to greatly mitigate any feelings of isolation.

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