How Emotion AI Revamps Mental Health Care

How Emotion AI Revamps Mental Health Care

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Emotion AI has a lot to offer patients and care providers alike, by helping to broaden access, improve quality of care, and reduce treatment costs.

FREMONT, CA: A lot can be communicated through the subtle raise of an eyebrow or a lowering of the eyes. Whether it is happiness, sadness, anger, or fear, emotions conveyed through facial expressions are useful in mental healthcare treatment. When connected with Artificial Intelligence (AI), there enters emotion AI, a promising technology that offers health care professionals an option for supporting their patients with resources and monitoring their wellbeing. This technology can analyze subtle cues in the voices, writing, and facial expressions of individuals and react accordingly, helping connect and fill information gaps between encounters with human experts. Here is more to it.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies – 2020Emotion AI can free up mental healthcare experts to work more with their patients by analyzing patient records and creating reports based on the data, managing administrative tasks, and even helping with diagnosis or intervention. This can support patients to have better and personalized treatment as per their requirements, medical conditions, and preference without divulging the same to the examiner. Emotion AI can also help patients with mental health issues by using voice analysis. It can address and regulate their emotions better even when they are under a stressful or traumatic state.

An AI-powered nurse bot reminds older patients on long-term medical programs to take their medication and converses with them every day to know their overall wellbeing. Along with this, they make sure to communicate with people with accident history or depression to know their mood levels. Moreover, it offers a definitive picture of how a patient responds to medications.

Social Media Networking Sites use AI to monitor posts to detect signs of a user’s depression. This could identify the disorder before those people were formally diagnosed by health care providers. Adopting methods to deal with the increasing number of mental health challenges is the need of the hour. When a person finds themselves under strain and pressure or having depression or any mental disorder, it is met by raised eyebrows of contempt. It can harm them.  If the inclusion of emotional AI can provide them with much-needed help and lighten the medical expenses, it is beneficial to invest in this technology as soon as possible.

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