How Europe is Embracing Telehealth

How Europe is Embracing Telehealth

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 20, 2020

Telehealth in Europe is significantly improving access to healthcare and, thus, the quality of medical services for citizens, increasing geographical coverage with virtual consultations.

FREMONT, CA: The rise of telehealth services is a reflection of the ubiquitous digitalisation of all sectors of society as recognised by the digital agenda for Europe. At the same time, telemedicine services respond to the growing health needs. Telehealth can drastically improve access to healthcare, and thus the quality of healthcare services for citizens, expanding geographical coverage with virtual consultations, even if the amount of care facility locations decreases. Thus, telehealth services are among the biggest eHealth trends in Europe, positioned second, just after patient health records, according to the recent Annual European eHealth Survey. Top 10 Medical Imaging Solution Companies - 2020

European healthcare leaders are using telemedicine mainly for overcoming barriers to care. Access to healthcare can vary, depending on healthcare systems and location. A patient who can’t get an appointment in one place, for instance, may use telemedicine for a consult. People also believe that better-connected care options can help patients receive more thorough and convenient care.

It’s exciting to be a healthcare innovator in Europe at this point in time. Government and healthcare providers are working toward better interoperability and compatibility between their technologies and standards for large-scale telehealth collaboration across borders. Once completed, these integrated virtual programs can help create vast data pools for research into breakthrough treatments. Patients everywhere will have faster access to more advanced and quality care, while care providers can contribute to a healthier era.

Telehealth is the fastest-growing segment with high competition between tech companies. It’s a competition for wider functionality at a lower price, with quick implementation and readiness for interoperability and GDPR compliance. As with any other digital transformation, telehealth needs a lot of effort from all participants. People can benefit from collaborations as breakthroughs cannot be developed in isolation. So Europe is working towards achieving better outcomes to improve our citizens’ access to care.

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