How Has Technology Influenced Healthcare Communication?

How Has Technology Influenced Healthcare Communication?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Like any other industry, technology is changing the way consumers search and interact with valuable health information, like locating nearby health providers, determining benefit eligibility, securing quality community resources, and accessing offline and live customer service representatives.

With the advancements in technologies, people are navigating an increasing number of avenues designed to improve the access and interaction with health information and health benefits. This has also lead to Healthcare providers finding themselves in the challenging position of continually evolving with technology and ensuring that they are utilizing communication platforms that meet their patients.

Top 10 Patient Communication Solution Companies - 2020Currently, 75 percent of Americans are estimated to have access and use the Internet regularly; 40 percent to 60 percent of these are using the Internet to research or access health information. The estimates also show that the number of people using the Internet for health information purposes keeps increasing for the foreseeable future. This includes utilizing the Internet and developing technology to research information on prescription drugs, Monitoring and improving health, Using a personal health record or multi-function portal, and so on.

Interaction with the healthcare system has mostly been influenced by the rapid development of technology, including smartphone apps and patient portal applications specifically developed to direct consumers to new, innovative platforms that provide easy access and management of patient and family health information.

Studies indicate that regardless of the technological advancements and communication method utilized, consumers will use those that provide two main features: simplicity and results.

More than 90 percent of Americans show that the most desirable feature of any healthcare communications platform is a messaging system that gives patients and families direct access to their health care providers via a text messaging system. Furthermore, surveys reveal that nearly 85 percent of physicians and hospitals are already using SMS communication platforms as a mode to communicate important health information securely.

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