How InCare is Transforming the Healthcare Operations?

How InCare is Transforming the Healthcare Operations?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, December 06, 2019

The innovative care management solution is streamlining healthcare processes by offering crucial insights to healthcare professionals.

FREMONT, CA: Kanav Hasija, Co-Founder of Innovaccer, believes that InCare is designed to reduce the burden of difficult administrative and exhausting technology-related operations for care teams. The latest product launch will be taking the capabilities of InCare to a completely new level of credibility and efficiency. A Silicon Valley-based healthcare firm, Innovaccer has released its InCare solution on the Microsoft Teams platform. The new solution delivers efficiency as the care teams provide care while enabling healthcare businesses to be patient-centric. To assist care teams in sharing critical patient information in real-time, and offering seamless care delivery, the solution will remove the complicated processes of relocating patients manually, offering a 360-degree range of the patient via patient-360 profiles.

Integration of InCare with Microsoft Teams enables care managers to communicate directly to the primary care provider's nursing staff via the chatbot to coordinate care. The platform seamlessly displays critical patient information, providing a pre-visit summary to the primary care provider. InCare assists in the development of a culture of collaboration, preventing the care teams from functioning in isolated silos. The team improves the interaction channel between care teams, mitigating the number of applications used by the care managers to complete a simple task such as referring a patient to another care manager.

According to Abhinav Shashank, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovaccer, despite the multiple improvements in the field of care management, care teams are faced with the same issues which they have been struggling with for years. Care management should be simple and focused on offering patient-centered services instead of manual processes and a complex chain of operations. The partnership with Microsoft Teams will be a crucial step towards streamlining the various aspects of healthcare technology.

Innovaccer has been mentioned by Healthcare Tech Outlook in Top 10 Population Health Management Solution Companies. Innovaccer is a promising healthcare technology organization. The firm pioneers the data activation platform aiding the healthcare industry to understand the promise of value-based care. Innovaccer's proprietary integration & analysis engine effectively utilizes the data that the healthcare sector has worked so hard to collect. It cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians require it the most, at the moment of care. Such a revolutionary innovation streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards automating workflows, offering point-of-care alerts and real-time decisions for care teams, actionable intelligence without eliminating the EHR experience.

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