How is Cloud Fast Tracking Healthcare Services During COVID-19?

How is Cloud Fast Tracking Healthcare Services During COVID-19?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The investments that healthcare providers made in cloud-based infrastructure allow them to pivot quickly to address COVID-19 requirements.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare has been transformed as radically by COVID-19. This high-touch profession has remade itself around virtual consultation, remote diagnosis, and video collaboration. Healthcare providers have had to reframe patient relationships as in-person interactions are reduced. Telehealth and other cloud-based services, which already had gained traction among healthcare providers, have become critical components for ongoing care during the pandemic. Here is a look at how the cloud has become the catalyst of change in the healthcare industry during COVID-19.

Top 10 Cloud-based Solution Companies for Healthcare Industry - 2020• Data Analytics and Predictive Models

Data has emerged as a powerful weapon in the battle against the pandemic. Data insights are used across pandemic management's lifecycle—from diagnosis to treatment to research and drug discovery.  Cloud-based data lakes are assisting in centralizing and offering easy access to data for analytics. The  COVID-19 data lake, comprising up-to-date and curated datasets on the pandemic, is publicly available for researchers and healthcare providers. The cloud has also worked to jointly leverage the power of technologies to develop several services, including situation dashboard, knowledge transfer platform, and warning system—all of these are built with the help of cloud technologies and other tools.

• Telehealth Through Cloud

Remote healthcare or virtual healthcare is a significant change that the healthcare sector has embraced today. Providers are looking at new models of care delivery and care management, including telemedicine and telehealth services. Cloud-based teleconsulting systems have taken the doctor's and hospitals' load by offering medical information to patients by evaluating symptoms and risk factors. Cloud-hosted telemedicine and telemonitoring services are increasingly becoming common to treat home-isolated COVID-19 patients. This also helps reduce the risk of infectious exposure, clinicians' workload and offer better patient care.

• Cloud-Powered Bots

Inquiries and requests have bombarded healthcare facilities across the world since the pandemic outbreak. Public health organizations and healthcare professionals require responding fast, offering accurate information, and triaging new patients. Many healthcare organizations are looking at healthcare cloud-based bots to scale these efforts with citizens. Bots can triage patient needs, check symptoms, and book appointments. Some hospitals are using bots to address mental health issues due to COVID-19.

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