How is Pediatrics Advancement Favoring Nurses?

How is Pediatrics Advancement Favoring Nurses?

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 10, 2020

Pediatrics is shaping up with new technological progressions.

FREMONT, CA: Pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) are looking for smarter and more intuitive means to better the health outcomes for children. Technology and its efficacious developments in the realm of pediatrics are incentivizing the efforts of the nurses to produce fully positive results. Technology is playing an integral role in promoting child care all around the world. The experts and professionals in the realm of pediatrics are collaborating with researchers and technologists in the arena od healthcare to make pediatrics highly intelligent and accurate.  

Top 10 Pediatrics Solution Companies - 2019There are a large number of technologies that are hitting the mark of excellence in the sphere of pediatrics, especially of the nurse. In this wake, 3D printing is increasingly driving the pediatrics market and helping the PNPs to accentuate their attempts to increase the authenticity and integrity of applications and care models that are used to treat children. 3D printing technology instantly prints guides and other materials that help the pediatrics surgeons in preparing for and excelling in any operation or surgery that is to be made on a child. Along with methodologies that pertain to operation planning, these 3D printed modules are helping in boosting the confidence level of the surgeon.

Smart pills are taking the largest share of popularity among all the developments that have recently hit the screen of pediatrics reality. A smart pill is just like any other normal pill. But what makes it different is it being embedded with a minute sensor. This sensor in the pill, when consumed by the child, sends signals and messages to a wearable device or a small patch the child wears on his body. This patch would further send the information to the pediatric nurse or other monitors about how the medicine is acting on the child’s body, its compliance with the patient, and more.  With this information, the nurse can make a decision on the next level of treatment and other moves. All in all, by integrating technology, pediatrics is sure to move to the next level of intuitiveness.

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