How Patient Engagement Technology is Transforming the Healthcare...

How Patient Engagement Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Sector

Alex D'souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 08, 2021

The healthcare sector has started to utilize the patient engagement technology so that they can offer them with better treatments.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is continuously changing the face of the healthcare industry at an extremely high rate. If the new technologies are utilized effectively, healthcare organizations will meet the increasing demand and efficiently offer better service to the patients. Here are some of the trends related to patient engagement technology that the healthcare sector can follow. 

Utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Presently, the healthcare sector has also started to utilize technologies like machine learning and AI. However, it is expected that the utilization of these technologies will increase rapidly in the coming years and offer various benefits. Moreover, if the sector enhances their research and clinical trials' efficiency by developing new tools, it will help them to fulfill the demands of the patients and even make the process cost-efficient. 

The opinion about technologies like chatbots is also changing because the patients can directly book their appointments or solve their queries related to medications. Moreover, Conversational AI will also help the patients and the healthcare providers to converse among each other through written or spoken language. 

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies - 2019Advancement of personalized treatment using predictive medicine

Presently various new applications are coming up that are prioritizing predictive healthcare so that the patients get introduced to more effective treatments. Wearables are a useful technology that can be used for capturing the data for treatment purposes. Therefore, the healthcare sector is applying wearable technologies to create opportunities for organizations to offer personalized treatment to the patients. 

Furthermore, the data that has been collected from the smartwatches and trackers will allow the healthcare facilities to get a better idea and start treatment of the issues in advance before it starts showing symptoms in the patients. The doctors can also prescribe the medications accurately due to precision medicine as it is data driven. 

The continuous growth of digital platforms

As the consumers want a better and sophisticated service so that they can manage their necessities, the popularity of the all-in-one platform is increasing. In the healthcare sector, the consumers are also expecting a user-friendly and customer-first digital experience, and this all-in-one platform can offer them with it. 

However, in the healthcare sector, it is necessary to apply the new technologies in their present business model and IT infrastructure to offer better treatment to their patients. 

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