How Technology Makes Today's Dermatology Practices Better?

How Technology Makes Today's Dermatology Practices Better?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, December 02, 2019

The dermatology field is encountering significant changes in the way services are offered to patients with the introduction of technology and also how professionals execute daily routines.

FREMONT, CA: Like many other fields, dermatology has adopted serious changes in the last decade by inventing new technologies. Among them is the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) software that supports telemedicine services. Here are the latest trends that are revolutionizing the dermatology practices.

1. Maximized connectivity in EMR software

Incorporating technological advancement in dermatology constitutes the power behind many changes experienced in the field. The introduction of the EMR software has added to consolidated practice management. Also, remote accessibility and compatibility among a large number of platforms will remain a barrier towards effective workflows.

The United States' Cloud-based EMRs offer encrypted remote-accessibility for medical history management and sharing, thereby helping streamline workflows to serve the patients effectively.

2. Applied teledermatology services

Improved connections have made the telemedicine services easily accessible, affordable for a wide range of underserved patients. And it is well estimated that the American telehealth market has developed in remote areas.

3. Multiple AI-powered clinical decision support tools

A brand new stream of quick advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in the dermatology field with a particular focus on dermoscopy imaging for advanced analysis. Intelligent algorithms make use of filtered searching and comparison capabilities based on content-based image retrieval (CBIR) as a support tool for improved clinical decisions. For example, the software equipped with AI features, such as DermEngine, can also guide large scale image analysis such as full-body imaging (FBI) for the simultaneous localization and proper tracking of a large number of moles.

Brand new trends shaping dermatology field

The availability of new resources to combine and connect patients with medical practices has transformed the conception of how they attain care. Especially with the high expansion of teledermatology services, studies report numerous patients in the United States are interested in obtaining digital healthcare services.

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