How to Create a Data-Driven Physician Engagement Strategy

How to Create a Data-Driven Physician Engagement Strategy

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

In the current healthcare scenario, the incessant attention of physicians is an imperative factor in order to drive improvement in the quality of care provided along with the increase in revenue. According to experts, physicians who remain engaged in caregiving activities are about 26 percent more productive as compared to those who are not actively engaged. As per patient revenue, this difference in productivity calculates to almost $460,000 annually. To ensure complete engagement of physicians, it is important that health organizations develop a foolproof physician engagement strategy.

However, the process of creating a successful physician engagement strategy requires huge amounts of data as well as strong far-reaching insights which help physicians to collaborate efficiently which would have a positive impact on the long-term objectives of the organizations. An effective technology platform can equip healthcare organizations with the ability to assess the activity of the physicians as well as glean referral data from the market in order to form a strategy.

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Organizations require adopting a data-driven approach towards building a physician engagement strategy in order to make sure that physicians are more proactive while interacting with the patients as well as their fellow physicians. The key steps to build an efficient physician engagement strategy are:

•   Outline the scope for physician engagement :

In the beginning, organizations should sketch out a practical objective for the physician engagement strategy. For instance, with a well-defined goal, in-network referrals can be improved significantly, while experts can lay more focus on lost data volumes recorded at several health systems.

•   Aggregate physician data and analyze them :

Aggregation of quality physician data is one of the most crucial steps to creating an unerring physician engagement strategy. This calls for a technology solution responsible for converting raw data into intelligible information which can be leveraged into action. This would result in solving many challenges in the healthcare space.

•   Glean insights from physician data :

Aggregating physician data is not enough. Healthcare institutions need to implement analytics tools as well as artificial intelligence (AI) to gain an in-depth understanding of the information gained. This poses beneficial for physicians while working in teams and interacting with each other.

•  Stress on one-to-one physician engagement :

With all insights available, physician liaison teams can focus on one-to-one interaction with physicians to identify, address and solve any problems arising from the root, thereby accelerating the growth of the organization.

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