How To Manage Complex Supply Chain

How To Manage Complex Supply Chain

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Supply chain operations refer to the process of managing inventory efficiency, performance, and profitability from procurement of stock to the fulfillment of orders. These operations are commonly associated with supply chain management, the general management of the flow of goods and services for business. These operations can be highly involved as there is a myriad of individual processes. So having greater control over the supply chain is essential.

The following are a few ways to start:

Reduce costs through logical unit-of-measure purchasing: Distributing products just in time-based on the valid/low unit-of-measure possible can reduce costs and waste while avoiding stock outs. It will also free up storage space and reduce the number of contacts in the supply chain. The process, handle, store and pay for the supplies needed only is done. By reducing non-value, added time and cost organizations can improve operating margins and reduce the inventory spent. It also frees up staff time to focus on more complex tasks which provide quality outcome initiatives.

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Improving efficiency with surgical packs: Consolidating supplies into case-specific procedure packs can improve throughput. To standardize the pack program organizations can use data analytics to determine how to regulate pack contents. Many preference card items should be included to avoid taking time to pick multiple single sterile pieces. Using standardized pack utilization across the health system can also be implemented to improve efficiency.

Increasing visibility through data analytics: Improving inventory visibility from manufacturer to the point of use should be done. Real-time data that reveals actual utilization can help make a more informed purchase and inventory management decisions that will optimize supply spend, reduce waste and supports patient safety.

Revealing new savings with freight management: Data analytics can bring savings opportunities to shipping expenses, an often overlooked area. Advanced analytics can maximize supplier participation, accelerate efficiency. Ensure that every shipping mode is included in the program including inbound freight, outbound freight, large shipment, and same day courier services.

Employing these strategies will further showcase the role of supply chain in meeting business goals and taking greater control of the future.  

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