How to Protect the Security of Virtual Private Networks for Remote...

How to Protect the Security of Virtual Private Networks for Remote Healthcare Work

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The virtual private networks can be compromised if its security is not taken care of in such crucial times.

FREMONT, CA: There are many remote healthcare teams that are dependent on virtual private networks so that they can safely receive and send sensitive data. Even after taking the necessary precautions, the encryption services can be penetrated by the threat actors. Furthermore, the security departments have predicted and warned the healthcare teams that more VPN attacks are likely to occur during the pandemic. Therefore, medical organizations can consider some of these tips to protect the VPN servers.

Closely Monitor the Security of the Servers

VPN servers are essential, but their importance has amplified because of their increased usage. Therefore, the security's server must be closely monitored so that it can manage or contact the IT security department immediately after detecting any suspicious movement. It will become easy for the attack to be identified, decreasing the damage it may have caused.

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It is not necessary to provide access to every employee, and only the authorized administrators must have direct access to the VPN servers. The connections that are using secure protocols that have encrypted every communication must be allowed. They need to have mutual authentication of the VPN server and the computer of the VPN administrator.

Deal with VPN Security Vulnerability Instantly

If there is any vulnerability in the VPN server's service, operating system, or other software, the cyber attackers can use it to attack other systems. With the vulnerability, they can also gain access and manipulate an employee's network communications. It is essential to know when the latest security patches or updates are released for the software bugs so that the users can test and apply them as fast as possible. The security-related software configuration setting must also be monitored continuously so that an alert can be sent to the team if there is any alteration without approval.

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