How Useful are Healthcare Services for Treating Heart Failure...

How Useful are Healthcare Services for Treating Heart Failure Patients?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, February 07, 2020

Behavioral health programs are essential for treating heart failure patients as it reduces patient admissions in hospitals while lowering cost.

FREMONT, CA: A significant reduction in symptoms of depression and better self-care was observed among patients with heart failure after enabling behavioral therapy via telehealth services, which was documented in a small study conducted by AbleTo and Humana. Patients with heart failure who had access to behavioral health services handled their problems in a better way, according to the report.

Nearly 194 patients with very little to moderately-severe heart disease, were studied covered through Humana's Medicare Advantage plan. The study consisted of AbleTo's eight-to-ten-week telehealth program that includes access to cognitive behavioral therapy and a coach to help them to turn these directions into a plan.

Top Patient Monitoring solution companiesDespite the findings, patients experienced a notable improvement in their mental health and physical instruction comprehension.

Forty-seven participants reported symptoms of depression in the genesis of the study. Less than 41 percent of participants had a decent Self-Care of Heart Failure Index (SCHFI) score that tests the ability of each person to identify symptoms, be treated, and comply with essential health measures, such as taking medication and maintaining a low sodium diet.

At the end of the program, symptoms of depression for the participants reduced by 52.4 percent. The number of patients with sufficient self-care ratings rose to 57 percent; a 16 percent leap was therefore observed.

An analysis was made based on the behavioral health problems prevailing among the patients, which in turn had ramifications in their self-care.

AbleTo has been able to measure the connection between heart failure and mental health through this research. It sometimes serves as evidence that behavioral health programs are an essential part of therapeutic treatment for an individual.

The provision of behavioral health services to patients will massively reduce hospital admission. This means fewer costly bills. It can help mainly to get patients out of a vicious cycle.

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