How Virtual Assistants Revamp Healthcare

How Virtual Assistants Revamp Healthcare

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 19, 2021

The attraction of conversational AI is quicker response time, decreased customer labor and cost, and seamless access to data. 

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is one of the world's significant industries with a shortage of laborers. Researchers and innovators have been working on enabling AI in the health care industry to help health care workers and the public. With Conversational AI solutions working not just in the customer service arena but also acting as a therapist, it is no wonder that the report estimates that the global chatbot market will reach $1.23 billion by 2025. Here is a look at some applications of chatbots in the healthcare sector.

• Real-Time Healthcare Assistance

AI-powered chatbot working with a hospital database and having an agent assist feature in taking a doctor's consultation in real-time is very helpful. It is like a virtual doctor. It also has a feature where users can order their medication through chat. Saving a ton of time and also gets reliable information through her virtual doctor. All these are done in real-time.

• Scheduling Appointment

When users call the clinic, they leave users hanging because of the extensive list of people calling the clinic for their grievances. Using a chatbot over platforms, anyone can schedule, manage appointments, freeing clinic employees to handle important work. Leveraging a chatbot can help remove repetitive mundane conversations with patients to handle appointments, schedule medical tests, send guidelines to follow before tests, and send out reminders and patients regarding their appointment.

• Reminders

Chatbots on the preferred messaging platform could remediate this problem, sending out reminders to take medicine on time, sleep at the right time, or even remember the doctor's appointments. Chatbots can even assist in keeping track of periods. It also gives helpful tips to take care of by tracking by asking questions on period pains, emotional distress, and birth control and offers helpful information on health and sexual issue.

• E-Rep 

Virtual assistants could revolutionize the medical representative's life completely. Leveraging a chatbot, they can send out the current medicines information to a community of doctors. Doctors can keep track of the current practices and treatments through a chat medium. 

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