How Wireless Wearable is Improving the Conditions of Newborns?

How Wireless Wearable is Improving the Conditions of Newborns?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The latest technologies are helping the new-gen doctors to provide more flexible methods observing their patients in both homes and hospitals with the help of smart devices.

FREMONT, CA: Many researchers have combined to create a prototype wireless, flexible oxygen sensor in the size of a band-aid. The design of the wireless device is done in a way that it will attach to the skin and observe the level of oxygen in the blood. It will then transfer the data through the internet so that the doctors and caregivers can take note of it and take further action. The technology can also help the newborn who is ill to go home and be with their parents rather than staying in the hospital for the doctors in the hospital to monitor the oxygen level in blood.

There is no doubt that elongated stay in the hospital can be expensive, and it can prove to be a strain on the families. As per researches, doctors have received indications that the physical condition of the babies can enhance if they are with their families.

It is considered that the blood oxygen level is an indirect measure of respiratory health, and it is essential to monitor it in the babies. Presently, it is necessary to have a tool that can connect to an electrical outlet so that medical teams can figure out the partial pressure of oxygen through the skin as a signal of the level of oxygen blood. To address such situations, the researchers have developed a wearable oxygen sensor that will attach to the surface of the skin. Furthermore, the wearable device is of less expensive, flexible, and can wirelessly connect to the internet for uploading the statistics of blood oxygen levels. The alarms in the smartphone apps also give warnings when the oxygen level in the blood lessens down.

Moreover, these devices are of massive help in cases of severe asthma, and COPD in the newborn children and the caregiver can receive an alert whenever the blood level of the oxygen lessens down.

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