Iatricsystems Receives The Cybersecurity Transparency Ranking

Iatricsystems Receives The Cybersecurity Transparency Ranking

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2022

IatricSystems is a healthcare technology firm focused on assisting healthcare companies in better protecting patients, connecting systems, and optimizing EHR usage.

FREMONT, CA: "Cybersecurity Transparent" is now a KLAS ranking category for healthcare software and services, indicating that products meet the stringent requirements for deployment and integration into healthcare provider environments.

iatricSystems, Inc, a healthcare technology company dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations in better protecting patients, connecting systems, and optimizing EHR usage, informed that its patient privacy monitoring software Haystack„ iS has received the Cybersecurity Transparency Award from healthcare research and insights firm, KLAS Research. Censinet, the leading intelligent risk network for healthcare, conducted the evaluation independently.

Dedicated to Cybersecurity and Transparency

“Vendor risk management is critical to the security posture of a healthcare organization,” said Rob Rhodes, Executive Vice President at iatricSystems. “We’ve all seen instances where exploitation of a vendors network has caused major problems for hospitals. We want our customers to understand that we take cybersecurity very seriously and believe transparency in this regard shows the value of being good partners with our clients. As someone with a background in cybersecurity, in both education and earning several cybersecurity certifications over the years (CISSP, HCISSP), I make security a top priority for iatricSystems. As innovators, we choose to lead rather than follow in our efforts to advance cybersecurity and transparency.”

Data Protection, Legal and Regulatory, Identity and Access Management, and Resiliency all received the Mature rating for Haystack iS. For health care firms to effectively protect patient data and prevent potential breaches, these categories are critical. Obtaining a Mature rating in Data Protection, for example, demonstrates a strong commitment to safeguarding PHI and other types of sensitive information. According to a Mature rating in Identity and Access Management, haystack„ iS minimizes the threat of internal and external breaches caused by unauthorized access or misused employee credentials.

Product Compliance is a Priority

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-HIT) 2015 Edition product certification for Haystack" iS was awarded to iatricSystems in 2021. This certification validates that iatricSystems' patient privacy monitoring software meets the US Department of Health and Human Services' technological competency, functionality, and security criteria (HHS).

When asked about what the Cybersecurity and Transparancy award means for iatricSystems, Rob Rhodes responded, “Independent third-party certifications and assessments like these are incredibly important for the healthcare industry. I applaud the efforts of KLAS and Censinet to make vendor cybersecurity efforts transparent. As a former healthcare CIO I understand how important it is to have an unbiased view into the cybersecurity posture of your partners.”

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