Impact of New Age Technologies on Healthcare Sector

Impact of New Age Technologies on Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 04, 2019

Artificial intelligence technology has already been embraced in the healthcare sector and is driving many processes of the hospitals removing the burden of the humans back wherever possible. When it comes to intelligent hospitals it’s not just AI but also IoT, machine learning, data intelligence, data analytics and big data that play role in leveraging and assisting physicians and surgeons at various levels. The outcomes are tremendously satisfying for both patients and doctors as patient experience has improvised and doctors have found reliable support for tedious tasks. Some immensely benefitted operations of healthcare sector from new age technology are-

• Robotic Surgery: Machines and robots have found a much robust stand in microsurgical procedures and activities. With AI in use variation in these procedures has reduced a lot as the system itself collects the data and integrates it into their process. A combination of IoT, machine learning, AI and big data enables the surgeons to analyze the patient’s condition much better and also higher precision makes it way in the procedure with help of new age technology. Robotic surgery facilitates surgeons to remotely operate and conduct the surgery; also traditional tools are getting obsolete.

• Virtual Nursing Assistant: Nursing has evolved over the past decades especially after the AI and other technologies making their way into healthcare. Virtual Nursing Assistants (VNA) have come into existence which are bots responsible to carry out tedious nursing tasks such as discharge formalities, patient record maintenance, coaching patients etc. allowing hospitals to shift human workforce in many brainy areas. VNA is capable even of monitoring the health of patients by tracking heart rate, temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure etc. in real-time without even consulting a physical doctor or nurse. The data accumulated from the apps is accurate and helps a lot to doctors to track the health of their patients.

• Faster Diagnosis: AI capability of storing a huge volume of data and analyzing faster than humans is leveraging doctors to unlock several amounts of health data for power diagnosis. The proper analysis of this data allows recognizing the symptoms at their very early stages and recognizing the diseases and curing much immediately. AI gives a bird’s eye view to doctors which makes it easier for them to identify the disease is genetical or natural. Treatment methodologies can be enhanced on the basis of data retrieved from the system and since the data huge in volume, AI and machine learning bear the burden and speed the overall process.

It is just the start of a new age technologies era; many more discoveries and application are still to find their grounds in real life scenarios capable to take the healthcare sector to new heights.

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