Increasing Brand Awareness and Driving Market Adoption

Increasing Brand Awareness and Driving Market Adoption

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 24, 2019

Healthcare remains one of the fast-growing industries to invest in public relations with growth. Public relations are necessary for constantly evolving in the healthcare landscape. People in public relations specialize in the management of internal and external communications for healthcare companies. They help promote health products that improve the quality of life in order to help providers navigate some of the world’s problems, such as primitive diseases or cost management in developed countries.

Amendola Communications is a full-service national marketing and public relations company specializing in healthcare IT, high-tech, and financial services. With its profound understanding and expertise, the company offers experienced support at the senior level to achieve continuous results. Its service offers include comprehensive public relations, social media, marketing, branding, and positioning programmes, as well as advertising, design, and interactive marketing. Amendola has won several awards and recognition for its different accomplishments.

Rachael Britnell recently joined Amendola Communications as account director on the 8th of January 2019. She specializes in the creation of interactive campaigns and the planning, management, and implementation of the campaign by the IT brand marketing. Due to her strong knowledge of the healthcare industry, the CEO of Amendola chose Britnell. She persuaded UG in marketing and advertising, and PG in integrated marketing communication. She also has a strong ability to communicate brand messages to customers.

Britnell said “Amendola’s increasing emphasis on an integrated marketing approach and the opportunity to position clients as thought leaders through creative storytelling truly excite me. The healthcare industry is growing so fast, and Amendola’s elite client base has a passion for the innovation that's driving that change.”

Britnell was previously Strata Decision Technology’s marketing leader. Her contribution to the company’s work highly impacted the company's revenue. She developed marketing strategies, directed marketing programs, and campaigns to raise awareness of the brand.

With a focus on content marketing, social media, and media relations, Britnell will play an important role in digital marketing and lead generation of Amendola. The company strongly believes that she will provide stronger support in healthcare IT and public relations technology for Amendola.

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