Increasing Demand for Telehealth in the Post-Pandemic Era

Increasing Demand for Telehealth in the Post-Pandemic Era

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The telehealth sector established as a control effect in preventing the impact of COVID-19 experiences an elevated growth with the majority of the population enticing their trust in the virtual medical platforms.

FREMONT, CA: The massive outbreak of COVID-19 implanted fear in people regarding their health as outdoor actions came to halt in addition to elevated government restrictions and lockdowns. Meanwhile, certain ailments require regular checkups and medications to ensure the normal functioning of the body which, when goes unaddressed, patients’ health deteriorates. And so, online-based diagnosis and consultations were sought to procure timely treatments for people.

Though digital healthcare was developed years ago, it managed to attain monumental growth owing to the pandemic outbreak. People in the Asia-Pacific region are getting much accustomed to this digitised health counselling that the APAC telehealth sector has begun to escalate. With people’s increased interest in preventative health, convenience, and personalised care, half of the population has already shifted to digital health platforms for eased medical supervision.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region have been undergoing breathtaking changes in the healthcare sector in recent years. Populations in Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia, accounting for nearly 60 per cent, reinstalled their healthcare ideas by switching towards digital platforms. For example, various internet-based medical counselling services enable patients to test for COVID attacks by implying symptoms, and medical care is provided as needed. This unprecedented rise is a huge step taken by the healthcare sector in favouring expert medical advice.

Though published earlier, the idea of virtual healthcare had behavioural and economic barriers that restricted the patients' adoption. With the increasing health concerns, especially in the post-pandemic, gaps in the sector are almost bridged, enabling telemedicine as a widespread platform for people. Visiting doctors physically for consultation has prevailed since ancient times, while the digitised era underlines the necessity of convenience along with health concerns. As a result, healthcare providers are collaborating with tech platforms to develop promising innovations in virtual platforms for medical counselling.

Although the pilot measures of telemedicine raised various queries among local governments, its breakthrough innovations facilitated controlling the pandemic over a short time. These established platforms are yielding incredible results due to which telehealth is more than just an ordinary option in healthcare, due to its incredible transformation into a government-favoured medical consultation access platform. Similarly, telehealth consultations have become a legal partner of the insurance industry and most insurance policies encompass telemedicine services. Hence, reputed healthcare companies and hospitals are incorporating telehealth to stay competitive in the race.

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