InfinityRx Platforms to Transform the Patient Experience with...

InfinityRx Platforms to Transform the Patient Experience with Affordable Patient Service Programs

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 18, 2021

InfinityRx transforms the patient experience through affordability-driven patient service programs across all sites of care.

FREMONT, CA: Providing high-quality patient care has a direct effect on health outcomes. It adds to a more positive patient recovery experience and can help people with serious illnesses, such as cancer, improve their physical and mental quality of life. InfinityRx, an administrator of the affordability programs, debuts a new suite of progressive, efficient, and cost-effective Patient Service Programs (PSPs). InfinityRx platforms change the patient experience through creative solutions that make care more affordable.

With the extra strength of infinite technology, InfinityRx Claims Processor® (ICP) serves as the portal to a tower of data and support services, including:

- Programs that include a copay, a discount, and free medication processing
- Oversight and protection against fraud, waste, and abuse
- Custom reporting, dashboards, and analytical reports are all available.
- Real-time, on-demand visibility into everything.

The Infinity Brand Loyalty® (IBL) platform guides patients toward a better outcome by providing the following:

- Patient affordability solutions that make prescribing easier for prescribers and drug service providers that give value-added services.
- Access to an endless number of distribution channels developed in partnership with all interested parties
- Increased adherence by responding to patient expectations for cost-effectiveness, quicker delivery, and product support
- Market access solutions enable manufacturers to reach patients across all care settings by developing high-performing, cost-effective programs with an industry expert network.

IBL and ICP deliver service programs and technologies that assist patients in achieving therapeutic goals while also fostering client growth and profitability.

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