Innovaccer: New ACO Solutions Platform Launched for Data Integration

Innovaccer: New ACO Solutions Platform Launched for Data Integration

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Innovaccer HealthcareAbhinav Shashank, Co-Founder & CEO

To assist care organizations in gathering drilled down insights Innovacer provides a solution that helps the organizations to operate harmoniously.

FREMONT, CA: Innovaccer, a leading San- Francisco based data activation company has launched its latest Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Solution. The solution provides a safe integration of data from all over the network platform, enabling interoperability between the firm and organizations, improving the complete quality of care services.

With its launch, ACOs become capable to detect and monitor the performances across innumerable quality measures and take initiatives to improve it. Now, ACOs can also leverage Innovaccer’s machine learning algorithms and cutting edge analytics to search and identify the inefficiencies in processing and clear the gaps to perform and promote better care to boost clinical outcomes. With the help of this solution, ACOs will have the ability to detect the blind spots in their particular network and find a solution in the care processes. 

Although ACOs are leading the shift from volume-based care to quality-based care, a lot of them fail to meet the quality. When ACOs lack this knowledge and have minimum control over the network, earning shared savings can be quite challenging.  Data from sources such as EHRs, payer claims, PMS and HIEs are different parts of web bonded together and placed in harmony to get a clear view. To assist care organizations, in gathering drilled down insights Innovacer provides a solution that helps the organizations to operate harmoniously. 

Furthermore, Innovaccer’s resolutions change the ideas of the state of population health. Such measures can be useful for ACO leaders to promote and formulate interventions that enhance population health. Using the Data Activation Platform, Innovacer’s ACO customers have become successful in generating $264 million in shared savings in 2017.

“ACO’s are supposed to spearhead the transition of US healthcare from volume to value-based care. However, we are still far away from realizing this dream,” Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer mentioned.

Innovaccer recently launched its Outreach Management solution to streamline and put forward the patient-provider merging in each step of care delivery. Pediatric Care Management solution will bring together all the information that spreads across the venues, clinicians, and stages of life platform. Along with this, the Social Determination of Health Management solution addresses the social determinants of health.

“With our ACO solution, we aim to bring true efficiency to the torchbearers of value-based care and enable them to deliver the right care at the right time through a unified approach,” stated Shashank.

In a world where big data revolutionizes healthcare, Innovaccer acts as a catalyst for change and is paving the way to etch an impression in the sector. Innovaccer is reaching out to four million lives. “The goal is to reach a 100 million by 2020,” concluded Shashank.

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