Innovative Data Solutions are here to Significantly Reduce...

Innovative Data Solutions are here to Significantly Reduce Administrative Burden for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, July 05, 2019

Delivering the best treatment plans and long-term patient care drives the healthcare provides towards fruition.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare’s pioneering data liberator, Holon Solutions, releases its latest application Authorizations, which tremendously reduces the time involved in the patient referral preauthorization process from minutes to seconds, making it ultra-fast and seamless.

The amount of healthcare data available can be overwhelming, and planning how to manage all these data can be a daunting task. Making data a priority requires involvement from all players in the industry, healthcare organizations need to transit their operations to fit with a data-driven mentality. Holon joins its customers in their journey to liberate the data to release care. The company is dedicated to making lives easier for healthcare providers and patients with better data delivery solutions to surface data insights that lead to optimal care.

At the very moment, a patient’s referral is initiated in the electronic health record, Authorizations mines patient data, and relevant health plan requirements to automate the service request between the provider and the health plan. With this, the administrative burden is dramatically reduced for providers and health plans, accuracy is improved, and timely insights are delivered.

Holon’s progressive technology is unshackling data throughout the healthcare sector, supporting organizations to streamline patient outcomes, enhance financial performance, and lessen the administrative burden by automatically surfacing relevant patient data in real time.  The amalgamation of technology and expertise has enabled Holon to establish a set of products and processes that effectively addresses problems across the spectrum of users from the clinician providing direct medical care for a patient to the providers’ resource supporting the business of delivering and managing care.

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