Innovative Medical Technology To Expand Digital Payments Platform...

Innovative Medical Technology To Expand Digital Payments Platform Services

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 12, 2022

TruCash Group of Companies and Innovative MedTech have teamed up to launch a healthcare payment platform.

FREMONT, CA: Faster processing times due to the automation of manual operations, digital invoices, and the elimination of discrepancies are just a few of the important benefits of digital payments that will propel the healthcare business forward. Innovative MedTech, a provider of health and wellness services, has partnered with TruCash Group of Companies, a leading global payments provider, to launch an all-in-one Super Healthcare App called RX Vitality Wallet. The app will cater to consumers, patients, hospitals, senior citizens, and governments and will include a robust platform of benefits and online banking.

“We are very excited to be partnering with TruCash, a proven innovator in the financial services industry, to bring our RX Vitality digital healthcare wallet and app to the market. We believe that we will be at the forefront of, and helping to define, this industry trend, and with TruCashs guidance and track record, we think our RX Vitality wallet digital offerings will improve financial performance of healthcare networks,” states Michael Friedman, President of Innovative MedTech.

TruCash has over 30 years of experience in the payment, loyalty, and financial services industries. TruCash is a pioneer in producing innovative products, collaborating with and building core banking solutions, including comprehensive mobile wallets, loyalty programs, Visa product issuance globally, and acquiring solutions. TruCash has been in the financial services business for over 30 years and is a globally known and proven pioneer in digital payments and loyalty programs.

“We are very excited to be creating what we believe will provide a competitive advantage in healthcare, by integrating data and diagnostic connected devices into the online experience to make the digital visit as informative as the physical one, while adding full financial services and value added benefits. Our all-in-one Super App should add digital alternatives and benefits that consumers find easier, more convenient and less wasteful of their precious time,” comments Diana Fletcher, President of TruCash.

The Company believes that the world is now divided into two parallel streams for the digital-first consumer: what they require immediately and what they can wait to obtain.

“The reality of the digital shift is that consumers are no longer constrained by how far away something is, the item they want to buy, the service provider they want to engage, the employer they want to work for, the trainer they want to buff them up, or the concert or movie they want to watch, or just about anything else they want to do. We plan to co-develop and launch a seamless heath minded app that allows for all these conveniences,” continues Ms. Fletcher.

Once implemented and live, consumers will be able to access the Company's digital healthcare wallet via mobile wallet on both the Apple iOS and Android App Stores. Additionally, the Company aims to establish a physical healthcare card.

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