Inovalon Launches EASE All-Payer to Enhance Data-Driven Healthcare

Inovalon Launches EASE All-Payer to Enhance Data-Driven Healthcare

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

By integrating the latest Cloud-based applications, hospitals, physician practices, and post-acute care facilities can enhance their payment processes.

FREMONT, CA: Inovalon, a developer of cloud-based platforms for data-driven healthcare, recently announced the launch of EASE All-Payer. The solution, which is now available within the myABILITY provider platform modules of the Inovalon ONE platform, offers integration with industry-leading Epic EHR system. The product is designed to enable healthcare organizations to enhance their financial performance.

Inovalon aims to empower data-driven healthcare with its robust cloud-based platforms. Its cloud-based analytical and data-driven intervention platforms have enabled users to identify loopholes and resolve the issues in patient care services and data integration. It has introduced national-scale interconnect capability into the healthcare ecosystem, enabling organizations to aggregate and analyze data in real-time. Its offerings have facilitated the application of the analytical insights to drive meaningful impact at the point of care. The company utilizes its unparalleled subject matter expertise, robust proprietary datasets, and seamless platforms to promote better care, efficiency, and financial performance across the healthcare system.

Inovalon’s offerings enable organizations to evaluate how their approaches match up to the quality measure standards. The principle of turning data into insight and insight into action has enabled Inovalon to deliver its solutions to health plans and provider organizations, pharmaceutical, medical, and diagnostics companies. It assists thousands of clients, including 24 of the top 25 U.S. health plans and 22 of the top 25 global pharma companies. Its analytics and tech platforms are bolstered by the data collected from over 972,000 physicians, 531,000 clinical facilities, 271 million Americans, and 45 billion medical events.

The EASE All-Payer is a cloud-based SaaS application designed to provide better administrative efficiency and enhanced accuracy for payment processes in hospitals, physician practices, post-acute care facilities, and similar providers. It has led to a steep decrease in payment claims rejections with a 99 percent payer acceptance rate. The intelligent data-driven routing and analytics engine enhanced by the robust applications, connectivity, and data analytics capabilities of Inovalon ONE Platform has enabled the users to achieve industry-leading results.

The ABILITY EASE All-Payer solution is one among the robust portfolio of cloud-based SaaS applications in the myABILITY module within the Inovalon ONE Platform. The Inovalon ONE Platform has enabled payers, providers, life sciences, and pharmacy companies to enhance their outcomes by leveraging sophisticated analytics and powerful cloud-based technologies. Its contributions to the healthcare sector were recognized by the Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine, which named it among the 20 Most Promising Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers-2015.”

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