Inspire Series from Fitbit to Monitor Health

Inspire Series from Fitbit to Monitor Health

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, March 15, 2019

From the introduction of wearables to the deployment of advanced hospital devices, the healthcare sector has passed through diversified filters of changes due to the advent of technology. Today, connected wearable devices have changed the whole game of providing healthcare service, as they offer a comfortable, reliable, and cost-effective way to have a regular check-up. BBC Research Report predicts that by 2021, the market estimation of connected medical devices will be $8.3 billion.

Fitbit has introduced a pair of wearable devices, Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR to track the health and fitness of the user perfectly, but this product will not be sold to the market directly. These business-to-business trackers can only be purchased by the organizations to solve the health-related issues of its employees.

Fitbit Inspire is an essential addition to the company’s product portfolio, as it provides the user with better opportunities to know his or her health condition minutely. This advanced device tracks daily activities like sleep and steps and automatically generates a personalized notification and friendly reminder for each user, and on the completion of goal the device celebrates the user’s success. The integration of sleek design and advanced technology to keep the user connected with the rest of the world makes this device out-of-the-box, in the true sense of the term.

The smarter variant, Fitbit Inspire HR, has touched new heights of innovation, as it moves far from the basic traits providing the user with the opportunity to track heart rate while having an exercise and while resting. This smart device sets more than 15 goals according to the convenience of the user and leverages his GPS to track the pace of exercise in real-time. Moreover, monitoring sleep stages and heart rate, this device can provide personalized sessions to improve sleep and breathing.

Previously, after completing the acquisition of Twine Health, Fitbit announced Fitbit Care, a comprehensive solution to provide proper health coaching and online care to manage and prevent disease in a smart way. Fitbit is aimed at revolutionizing the market of wearable devices, and this Inspire series will play a definitive role in cutting short the chances of undiagnosed cardiovascular risk factors.

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