IntegriChain Unveils Online Community and Revenue Analytics

IntegriChain Unveils Online Community and Revenue Analytics

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 22, 2019

With the expansion of revenue analytics collaborative and the launch of an online community, the functionalities and the communication between various life science corporations will become more efficient.  

FREMONT, CA: It is particularly difficult to innovate, when the technology is shifting as rapidly as the World Wide Web, which was introduced three decades ago as a business proposition and is continuing to affect the economy since its inception. Nevertheless, both public and private sector policymakers are acting to align with the interest of the upcoming market for building a robust foundation for future generations. With the diffusion of internet services across the world, the value of online applications concentrates. And as the information stack in the online ecosystem elevates, the network of various vital functionalities in an enterprise rises.   

While anticipating the potential of the internet, IntegriChain, a business information and analytics corporation in biological sciences that enables clients to begin treatment earlier and remain longer on medication, extended membership in the Revenue Analytics Collaborative (RAC). Apart from expanding the biomedical business and financial professionals’ communication network, IntegriChain has introduced, an online network for RAC associates that encompasses a collaborative portal, benchmarking instruments, and activities for thought management. IntegriChain sponsors and RAC meetings.

Today, RAC is made up of 800 sector peers engaged in public programs, business contracting, gross-to-net and trade/channel, comprising more than 225 companies from life sciences. Furthermore, RAC's purpose is to promote the prompt exchange of information among peers in the life sciences sector. RAC members are influential in supporting and navigating the complicated problems of the contemporary industry, including legislative modifications, forecasting, scenario planning, project management, and analytics.

With the demand for innovative ideas, more trade and channel experts will enter the cooperative network created by IntegriChain. Along with the added functionalities, the online world enables RAC users to share expertise and services with their business peers, further complementing the importance of annual RAC Summit, lunch, learning programs, and webinar. For experts who guarantee market access for critical therapies, IntegriChain is a distinctive affinity group.

As the emergence of the creative resolution accelerates, IntegriChain continues to develop RAC, increasing membership to include even more life sciences corporations, trade, channel experts, and offering employees with even more precious benchmarking and thought management.

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