Intrado's New HouseCalls Pro Capabilities to Enhance Patient...

Intrado's New HouseCalls Pro Capabilities to Enhance Patient Engagement

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, October 25, 2021

Referral management is now one of the numerous automated workflows offered, interacting with market-leading EHR systems.

FREMONT, CA: Patient engagement has become critical for each patient's ability to make informed decisions regarding their health care options. When healthcare institutions have a policy in place to increase patient involvement, healthcare staff will be able to work more successfully with them. Improved patient participation leads to faster recovery, fewer hospitalizations, and lower healthcare costs. Intrado Corporation adds features inside HouseCalls Pro. The new automated referral management capability in HouseCalls Pro increases referral closure rates and care coordination for patients who require specialized treatment. Instead of staff calls to patients’ voicemail, patients are contacted for scheduling by text message (SMS). The patient can self-schedule the appointment through SMS or be connected in real-time to the specified department based on their response.

“HouseCalls Pro gave us the ability to efficiently reach out to 6,000 patients via text and allow them to self-schedule their COVID-19 vaccination appointments quickly while saving more than 500 call center staff hours. It also significantly reduced our no-show rate to just one percent, which meant more patients got vaccinated, improving public health for all,” says Nathanael Kempff, Integration Architect at Confluence Health, a Washington State-based health system.

To offer a superior patient experience and improved long-term outcomes, HouseCalls Pro allows two-way contact between health systems and patients by utilizing SMS and chatbot technology. Data may be pushed and retrieved to and from the patient's health record with no need for manual entry or sophisticated HL7 interfaces thanks to fast connectivity with top EHR systems. These two-way exchanges can mimic even human dialogue and natural speech patterns.

We worked with Intrado HouseCalls Pro to develop a new automated referrals workflow,” shares Jessica Boutain, Senior Application Analyst, Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin. “We are pleased to share that within a few weeks, we expanded the initial deployment of three specialties to 30 specialties. We’re engaging more patients more efficiently, which is helping us achieve patient health and resource goals.”

With the inclusion of SMS-based referral management, HouseCalls Pro expands healthcare organizations’ capabilities to communicate with patients, including the following:

- Self-scheduling of appointments

- Reminders for appointments

- Automated recall for preventative and wellness care

- Education on health

- Instructions for pre-and post-procedure

- Notifications regarding account balances

- Vaccine education and outreach

Additionally, the solution now integrates deeply with market-leading electronic health record (EHR) systems without requiring the extensive Health Level Seven International (HL7) interfaces required by competing alternatives. The platform initiates communications with the EHR and writes responses back to it. As a result, hospitals and health systems may automate patient involvement, saving time and money.

These distinct features and benefits help explain why 100 percent of users surveyed by KLAS indicated that they would purchase HouseCalls Pro again.

“The HouseCalls Pro platform leverages EHR systems to free clinicians and support staff from onerous manual tasks and phone-based communications so they can spend more time focusing on patient care. That’s a win for patients, staff, and health systems alike,” says Vik Krishnan, General Manager of Intrado Digital Workflows.



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