IoMT: Moving the Needle on Healthcare Practices

IoMT: Moving the Needle on Healthcare Practices

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is capable of transforming the healthcare sector. High-tech solutions help catering to real-time needs in terms of cost and other complexities. The IoMT can improve processes related to tracking, informing, and notifying the caretakers along with optimizing data acquisition and management, in order to detect issues before they become critical or allow for earlier invention. In addition to being a contextualized domain-specific version of the Internet of Things (IoT), IoMT has been making a credible contribution to the healthcare sector.

Today, over a million connected medical devices are in use, monitoring different parts of the body to notify health care decisions. Wearable Medical IOT includes all smart wearable devices used for healthcare purposes. They can be grossly characterized, as wearables of health and fitness and applications of clinical grade. All connected systems that work directly for patients through engaging a community or helping a backend healthcare system come under the Community-based healthcare IOT. This segment includes smart healthcare inventory management systems that can map and monitor equipment and supplies. This segment also contains connected healthcare kiosks for public health services and all connected point-of-care devices in medical facilities.

Healthcare data is most vulnerable to all types of security threats as stakes are very high and lucrative for medical insurance players, equipment manufacturers, healthcare providers, and other commercial vendors. With this new breed of healthcare IoT devices, a proper and well-articulated strategy to achieve optimum data security and smoothen operation landscape will soon hit the clinical floor. Appropriate prevention and detection measures for security threats are needed to ensure a secure network. Internal Segmentation Firewalls (ISFW) play a crucial role in minimizing vulnerabilities in a full horizontal plane with a wide range of networks. ISFWs do this by operating within the system that enables various participants' networks to be effectively segmented.

The execution of the IoMT requires a dedicated team of experts to detect, monitor, prevent, and nullify the threats. IoMT will continue in many ways to transform medical and patient care. Additionally, for patients and professionals, a whole range of innovative medical gadgets and smart sensors will add more value.

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