IoT Applications in Healthcare Industry

IoT Applications in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Healthcare industry always aims at providing value-based care and comfort facilities to the patients. Internet of Things (IoT) is helping healthcare organizations build strong and efficient digital infrastructure. Patients are getting benefits with IoT devices and networks.

IoT-based wearables such as wristbands, blood pressure, and heart rate monitoring cuffs, glucometer and other wirelessly connected devices help in giving patients access to personalized attention. These devices also keep reminding patients about their calorie counts, exercise check, appointments, blood pressure variations and so on.

The data generated by IoT devices and networks are stored in the Cloud. Data analyzed by the cloud helps the doctors and physicians to identify the best treatment process and medications for patients and reach the expected outcomes.

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Hospitals are installing more IoT devices and networks tagged with sensors for tracking the real-time location of medical equipment such as defibrillators, wheelchairs, nebulizers, oxygen pumps, and other monitoring equipment. IoT networks also help in analyzing the deployment of medical staff in real-time.

Healthcare industry is also providing mobility services to the patients. Remote medical assistance helps the patient in the event of an emergency where the patient can contact a doctor kilometers away with smart mobile apps. The medics can instantly check the patients and identify the ailments on-the-go.

With the increasing demand for IoT devices and networks hospitals are using IoT device and network applications in asset management like environmental monitoring, pharmacy inventory control, checking refrigerator temperature, humidity and temperature control.

Healthcare industry is using a technology-driven setup which is benefitting in utilizing better quality of resources.

Health insurance companies also use IoT devices in leveraging data for health insurance claims by patients. IoT devices help in detecting fraud claims and identifying prospects for underwriting. 

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IoT devices and network applications have wholly redefined the healthcare industry in providing healthcare solutions. IoT devices and networks also have a significant impact on reducing healthcare costs and improving treatment outcomes.

Internet of things (IoT) brings integrated values in delivering dynamic business prospects potential in transforming the healthcare industry.  

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