Iredell Health Uses Staffbase's Communication App

Iredell Health Uses Staffbase's Communication App

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Iredell Health has leveraged an employee app to enable its healthcare workforce to stay connected.

FREMONT, CA: Iredell Health has partnered with Staffbase to leverage its innovative employee communication app, I-Connect, in order to help its healthcare employees to communicate efficiently and effectively, especially during a critical condition or crisis.  Iredell Health would replace its intranet application that is accessed on the desktop due to its inefficiency. The newly leveraged solution would help the company improve its employee communication culture and induce quality engagement among around 1,700 staff members who work from remote places in a dispersed manner.  

With Staffbase Employee App or Intranet for healthcare workers, healthcare staff of Iredell Health can optimize their daily roster with flexible and clear options to schedule, reschedule, and shift plans. The solution also acts as a cultural hub to develop a sense of family among the employees. With I-Connect, Iredell Health can achieve complete transparency both in terms of work as well as the employee connect. This solution helps in remote working, better collaboration, and employee engagement.

Staffbase is one of the leading providers of employee communication platforms that can be accessed efficiently on a mobile environment, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Serving all across the world, the company is recognized for its mobile compatibility and increased simplicity of the solutions that it develops and offers. Especially catering to corporate enterprises, the company enables quick, seamless, secured, and easy access to confidential and critical business and work data for the employees regardless of place and time. Staffbase is headquartered in Chemnitz, Germany, and holds offices in Amsterdam, Cologne, Dresden, London, Munich, and New York.

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