Is 3D Technology the New Eye of a Surgeon?

Is 3D Technology the New Eye of a Surgeon?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 31, 2020

3D technology is surprisingly becoming the third eye of a surgeon.

FREMONT, CA: Surgery technology has gone miles ahead in making surgery not only less invasive but smart and accurate as well. The healthcare industry is getting on the peak of intelligence by riding the waves of technology and its innovation. And today, the news is about how surgeries are being more and more reinforced. The healthcare delivery units are equipping their surgery departments with 3D technology. Is 3D technology the eyes of modern surgeons? How would 3D technology become the new vision for surgery? Well, let us dive deeper into the impact of the 3D technology of surgery.

The dynamics of surgery is today being guided by imaging technology. The outbreak of the novel COVID virus could be one of those reasons for surgeons to seek help Top 10 Medical Imaging Consulting/Service Companies - 2020from 3d technology. While a surgery being carried out by a robot is making a highly impactful and progressive stride, the surgery technology is looking to implement surgeries that are guided by 3D technology and celebrate the success of the new milestone in the healthcare industry.

Sources predict that the market for AR and VR in the healthcare industry would reach $10.82 billion by the end of the year 2025. Most of the hospitals and surgery centers today are making use of 3D technology along with machine learning, VR, other intelligent technologies to improve the accuracy of the surgical processes. A large number of healthcare companies believe that the 3D technology would help the surgeons see through better and hence surgical navigations.

3D technology shall help the surgeon in gaining practical, actionable, and intelligent insights into making the surgery successful, less harmful, more accurate, and environment-friendly. Also, 3D technology amplifies the amount of clarity and confidence that the surgeon should have in a surgical setting. Modern surgical navigation makes use of the features of 3D technology in order to provide the surgeons with an intelligent vision so that the surgery is made smarter and more dynamic.

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