Is Cloud Computing a New Business Paradigm for Laboratories?

Is Cloud Computing a New Business Paradigm for Laboratories?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Cloud technology is a cost-effective way for laboratories to get a leg up in the medical research industry.

FREMONT, CA: Labs will want to share data safely to offer information to payers, providers, and researchers. As the stress on laboratory practices swells, it has become more crucial than ever to adopt new ways of lab functioning. Here enters the cloud, and the need for cloud computing in laboratory environments has become increasingly important because of the changing regulatory requirements. Here is what cloud computing can do to laboratories.

Top 10 Lab Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019Digital management of laboratory data is critical for clinical labs. Digitalization allows labs to reduce manual entry errors that can cause delays in processing patient samples. More importantly, gathering electronic data enables labs to operate more efficiently through helping harness lab staff’s time and access to real-time business analytics. The major barriers of becoming fully digital are that conventional lab software systems need significant investment in both time and costs to adopt, and need ongoing maintenance from in-house IT to maintain and integrate with other systems. Mounting pressure on labs as data storage facilities need to house the increasing quantities of large data sets, an integral part of the research. This poses a critical problem for labs that may require a whole room dedicated to its onsite storage. And with that comes maintenance, leading to high up-front IT infrastructure costs.

Cloud computing also allows labs to take part in vast computing processes without the cost and complexity of using onsite server rooms. Switching from an onsite to the cloud mitigates the costs of IT infrastructure, reduces the cost of entry into the market, while also balancing the playing field for laboratories. Moreover, cloud computing can enable data to be gained from laboratory devices and to be put in the cloud space. Device pairing between lab equipment and cloud services enables real-life data from experiments to be housed in a cloud system. Furthermore, migrating systems to the cloud escapes data loss caused by outages that would otherwise handicap the laboratory industry.

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