Is Technology the Outpatient Market Enabler?

Is Technology the Outpatient Market Enabler?

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, August 17, 2020

The healthcare industry is becoming more and more innovative with the advancement of technology.

FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is ripe with all the new use cases that technology has to foster. Along with the diversifying its offerings, technology is also helping the healthcare industry thrive. The vertical of ambulatory care is increasingly being revamped by the high tech makeovers that the technologists are presenting. Thus, today, outpatient care is not only driven by medical and healthcare experts and professionals such as doctors, clinicians, physicians, surgeons, but technology as well. Read on to find out how technology is transforming the unit of outpatient care.

Top 10 EMR EHR Solution Companies - 2020Minimally invasive surgery is one of the common aspects of technology that is driving the betterment of outpatient care. These types of surgeries are driven by smart and innovative algorithms, which makes causes the least pain for the patients who are undergoing surgery. Minimally invasive surgery technology makes it easier for healthcare providers to treat outpatients. In this way, the outpatient care is radically boosted by the minimally invasive surgery technique.

Along with changing the dynamics of treatment, technology advancements are also changing the operating rooms as well. Hybrid operating rooms are now forming the next norm in the industry of healthcare. The new-age operation theaters are equipped with smart and intelligent devices such as improved instrumentation set up, highly developed and responsive imaging systems, LED lighting, electric cutters, and other tools, versatile and efficient angiographic imaging, antimicrobial flooring and the surrounding walls as well.

Electronic health records (EHRs) are changing the way the doctors are storing data of the patients. Catering to the emerging and evolving needs of the patients who demand ownership over their data records, the modern HER systems are only aiming at improving the procedures involved in collecting and storing the health data of the patients and also those of enabling access to these confidential reports to patients.

In addition, telehealth, mobile health, remote patient monitoring, among other such highly revolutionary technologies, are immensely changing the way the healthcare industry is perceiving ambulatory care.

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