It is Dr. Drone at the Door

It is Dr. Drone at the Door

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Monday, July 08, 2019

drone TechnologyThe healthcare industry has witnessed the dawn of life-saving drone technology that delivers blood samples to the doorstep and has led to the creation of an innovative clinical trend.

FREMONT, CA: Lately, drone technology has shown massive potential in the healthcare industry, where the flying machine monitors diseases to suggest providing a rapid response while using them. The first ever widespread application of drones started with the delivery of packages, with innovators already trialing such delivery mechanisms in other fields.

However, technology can be a significant part of the healthcare industry, providing numerous advantages that can help in seamless functioning.

Blood Sample Delivery:

It is interesting how the blood samples do not contaminate up in the sky once they are on the drone heading toward a destination. The blood samples transported with the help of drone do not face any issues that compromise the components in the package, even in journeys taking up to 40 minutes. Since biological samples can be susceptible and fragile, it is necessary to make sure that the drone is stable enough both during the flight and landing to carry delicate cargo. Disturbances during the journey can lead to the destruction of blood cells or disfiguration, affecting the tests further.

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Safe Journey:

Blood samples carried in the drones show no sign of alteration concerning quality or quantity as the equipment ensure the safe travel of the package avoiding every sort of interference. The transportation puts no impact on the box but certainly helps in delivering the blood sample faster and without any human intervention.

Blood sample delivery through drone technology is a primary cost-effective method for the hospitals that they need to adopt as soon as possible. It is essential to remember that any distribution on the road can be prone to accidents, a victim of traffic, and duped into fuel expenses. On the other hand, it is crucial to keep in mind that the utilization of drones, without an essential improvement in human resource ability, might not be of any significant contribution in the industry to enhance the healthcare delivery.



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