Key Component of Patient Monitoring Systems

Key Component of Patient Monitoring Systems

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Developing patient monitoring devices needs intimate knowledge of sensor technology, interconnect systems, device design, software development, and many more.

FREMONT, CA: Sensor innovations and interconnect technology has helped medical device organizations within the patient monitoring market advance and grow. Though these advancements have made it seamless than ever for health care providers to monitor their patients, the patient monitoring devices themselves are becoming more complex. Here is an overview of patient monitoring systems and discuss the several components of a patient monitoring system.

Every patient monitoring system is unique, and an ECG is not constructed with the same pieces as a glucose monitor. No regulation states that every patient monitoring system must have a given PCBs, sensors, conductors, and many others. The components of a patient monitoring system are grouped into three general categories: the patient monitoring device, the capital equipment, and the software.

Patient monitoring is commonly leveraged to refer to the entire patient monitoring system. For this blog post, use it to describe the piece of the patient monitoring system that makes contact with, or is inserted into, the patient. The patient monitoring device usually contains a sensor for gathering important patient information and an interconnect solution to transmit the data to the capital equipment. Leveraging a pulse oximeter as an example, the piece that clips to the finger and senses and transmits the pulse to the capital equipment is an example of the patient monitoring device component.

Data gathered by the patient monitoring device is useless if it can’t be evaluated. This makes capital equipment a vital component of a patient monitoring system. As the patient monitoring device itself gathers vital patient data, it is then sent to the capital equipment, processed, stored, and displayed. Most of the capital equipment leveraged in patient monitoring uses a complex interconnected system of connectors, PCBs, wire harnesses, and screen/monitor where the data is shared in a useable format. Some forms of patient monitoring capital equipment contain a computer with a processor and hard drive.

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