Key Trends Driving Women's Health Technlogy

Key Trends Driving Women's Health Technlogy

Alex D'Souza, Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, January 29, 2021

The evolution of femtech is incredibly impactful as it is making healthcare minimally invasive, less intrusive, practical, personalized, and affordable to suit needs.

FREMONT, CA: In recent years, there is a greater emphasis on women's empowerment and technology used to improve life experience for them and resolve their problems. Femtech companies are using technology to create products and solutions specific to women. The concept behind femtech is not only to earn profits but also to focus on women's remediating problems. Usually, the process of product development and validation involves women to ensure effectiveness. There is also the increasing presence of the female workforce in the technical domain, which plays a vital role in developing technologically innovative healthcare and hygiene solutions for women.

Some of the critical focus areas targeted by femtech are menstruation, pregnancy, infant care, sexual health, hygiene, etc. The evolution of femtech and evolving awareness about such products can transform their quality of life. Women's healthcare subjects, specifically those related to fertility, intimate hygiene, birth control, and sexual wellness, are considered taboo. However, the coming of femtech brands is now ushering in an age of affordable and accessible solutions that will benefit women in the urban and rural areas.Top Healthcare Startups

Firms are creating low-cost screening devices to diagnose problems like breast cancer and cervical screening. Some of the devices are developed as an alternative to mammography, which is the major diagnostic test for breast cancer. Femtech companies are also focusing on spreading awareness about reproductive health and menstrual hygiene problems. Going beyond sanitary pads, they are now providing products like menstrual cups, breast pads, breast pumps, and intimate hygiene and menstrual relief products, which can help women remain comfortable during periods and other critical times of life.

The trends and technological advancements as observed here will be a win-win scenario for all stakeholders in the post-pandemic scenario. The femtech firms are bound to benefit by remaining true to their cause and improving the devices, products, and apps that they are presently offering, and this advancement will, in turn, make things more comfortable for women.

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