Leveraging AI to Address Healthcare Challenges

Leveraging AI to Address Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

AI in HealthcareAI continues to revolutionize the healthcare sector with better and more innovative solutions in store.

FREMONT, CA: Many sections of the healthcare sectors have the undivided attention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This advanced technology is referred to as a pathway to automate tasks. Patient monitoring to spur earlier intervention for patients can be improved if AI automates tasks. AI is poised to revolutionize health care, in everything from drug research, to diagnostics, to health care delivery, all the way through to billing and accounting. Organizations have to overcome distrust of the technology, overcome integration challenges, and deal with privacy and security issues to get there.

Artificial Intelligence is patterned following the brain’s neural networks. It uses multiplied layers of non-linear processing units to train itself how to understand data, classifying the record or making predictions. AI can recognize meaningful relationships in raw data and can be practiced to support diagnosing, treating, and predicting outcomes in many medical situations. AI can be applied in almost every department of medicine as well, including drug development, patient monitoring, and personalized patient treatment plans.

One of the most prominent drawbacks for the adoption of AI in healthcare appears to be the quality of data and transparency about sources of data that organizations use to teach their algorithms. Using both public and privately available data as data will be massive, it will be varied. The quality of wearable data is becoming better. Latest technologies such as AI offer promise for addressing this difficulty because cognitive solutions are precisely designed to integrate and analyze big data sets.

AI uses algorithms, heuristics, pattern matching, rules, deep learning, and cognitive computing to approximate results without direct human input. By using AI, researchers can take on complex problems that would be challenging or almost impossible for humans to solve.

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