Leveraging Voice for COPD Diagnosis

Leveraging Voice for COPD Diagnosis

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Undoubtedly, in the ensuing days, technological advancements will have a pivotal role to play in revamping the critical sectors, and in this journey, 2019 will be an essential constituent. 2019 has already started to witness a glimpse of the future world due to the introduction of several innovative gadgets.

The healthcare sector is expected to enjoy exponential growth this year, and this aspect became evident in CES 2019 which met the audience with several healthcare innovations. For example, CarePredict launched its unique solution CarePredict Home to perfectly track the health issues of the older member for 24/7.

In the list of innovative healthcare devices Israeli startup, Healthymize has made another vital leap introducing its AI-based solution with voice analyzing ability to facilitate the complex process of monitoring patients with asthma, pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease remotely. This new solution demands the voice sample of a patient and leverages an app to sort out prevailing anomalies by detecting shortness of breath and production of sputum. This unique solution will have a vital role to play in the growing market of telemedicine allowing patients the chance to have a better diagnosis of their situation quickly and in a cost-effective way. This unique solution does not just stop only in diagnosis; instead, it alerts the medical team so that, proper measures can be undertaken at the right moment.

The proper check-up the COPD patients has long been a hurdle to the healthcare providers, as these patients demand the implementation of proper care at the right moment. Previously, Propeller Health announced its My Pharmacy to build up a strong connection between the sufferers and the pharmacy service providers.

But, amidst this rapidly shifting scenario, Healthymize’s solution is unique and is expected to play a vital role, as it will make the whole process smoother implementing advanced data analytics to analyze patients’ voice. Previously, the company became the winner of the Henry Ford Health System AI Challenge and won a $75,000 funding to escalate further research and development of its innovative technology at Henry Ford Healthcare Systems. The most exciting aspect of this platform is that it enables the users of landline and flip phones to leverage this platform. This advanced monitoring system is indeed an innovative step toward digital healthcare.

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