Life by PulsePoint Bolsters Digital Healthcare Marketing!

Life by PulsePoint Bolsters Digital Healthcare Marketing!

Healthcare Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Healthcare MarketingChris Neuner, CRO, PulsePoint

Data analytics solutions have equipped healthcare marketers with robust tools to enhance customer engagement and experience.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has significantly boosted the capabilities of the healthcare sector. However, healthcare marketing has always remained a challenging sector to crack. PulsePoint, one of the solution providers at the helm of the data and technology sector, has given healthcare marketers a significant head start with its robust Life by PulsePoint. The programmatic technology will bolster the capabilities of healthcare marketing by promoting specialized workflow, platform fragmentation, multi-channel, and multi-platform approaches toward optimization.

Chris Neuner, Chief Strategy Officer of PulsePoint, said, "Many healthcare brands have branded and unbranded campaigns that need to reach different target audiences. Having to switch between multiple platforms or partners creates significant challenges when everyone needs the same things: performance measurement or optimization of multiple campaigns in real-time. Automating these processes through programmatic technology allows marketers to launch campaigns that are smarter, more effective, and able to deliver more results faster."

PulsePoint specializes in developing programmatic solutions for boosting health marketing. The newest offering, Life by PuslePoint, is a centralized end to end platform with a suite of applications which unify the company's programmatic health and content marketing technologies. It is designed to enable healthcare marketers to streamline digital marketing strategies with a single platform which is compliant with privacy and HIPAA regulations. Armed with its capabilities, marketers can seamlessly reach consumers and healthcare professionals in a fraction of seconds with multi-format and multi-channel messaging.

Sloan Gaon, CEO, PulsePoint

The advanced data technology company is breaking new ground with its revolutionary offerings for healthcare organizations, enabling them to personalize information and enhance outcomes. PulsePoint is leading the revolution in radical health personalization, improving patient care and experience. Armed with PulsePoint's programmatic automation, marketers can now interpret the signals of customer journey and perceive the connection points between relevance and engagement. Its suite of self-service tools has allowed seamless activation of various health options. PulsePoint is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Gotham Ventures, Patricia Industries, Updata Partners, and Vantage Point Capital Partners.

The unified technology of Life by PulsePoint empowers marketers to effectively navigate the healthcare marketing landscape, delivering robust health messaging to enhance the healthcare journey of the users. It leverages contextualized health content to provide relevant marketing messages through partner platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well as native, video, content discovery, search, display and connected TV channels.

The healthcare sector has witnessed significant growth over the last few decades. However, the complexity and vastness of data have made it almost impossible to manage it with antiquated approaches. The lack of robust workflow, platform fragmentation, and optimization approaches has limited the impact of healthcare marketing.

Life by PulsePoint equips marketers with robust audience planning tools to curate the audiences of consumer and healthcare professionals. Its streamlined health-specific workflow makes it easier to upload creative content, plan campaign tactics, manage budgets, and optimize KPIs. It allows access to display, video, native, CTV, audio, social, and search formats across thousands of health, endemic, and non-endemic publishers giving them the ability to activate data and insights with the machine learning (ML) capabilities of Genome by PulsePoint.

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